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Miriam Maita

Miriam Maita

Senior Economist

Miriam Maita is the senior economist at Síntesis Financiera C.A., a Caracas-based consulting firm focused on Venezuela country risk, politics and policy, and the financial sector.

With her extensive background and expertise in macroeconomics, econometric forecasting, and policy analysis, Miriam has significantly contributed to the firm’s reputation for delivering insightful analysis into Venezuela’s complex economic landscape.

She joined Síntesis Financiera in 2020 and is a highly valued asset to the team. Prior to her current role, Miriam spent a 12-year tenure in economic research at the Central Bank of Venezuela, honing her skills and gaining an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the Venezuelan economy.

Miriam has a profound grasp of monetary, fiscal, and foreign exchange dynamics in Venezuela. This knowledge is particularly essential in a country where official data is scarce, making her contributions even more crucial. Her proficiency in macroeconomic forecasting enables her to shed light on the impact of economic policy on the performance of the severely distorted Venezuelan economy.

At Síntesis Financiera, Miriam spearheads the development of fiscal, monetary, inflation, exchange rate, and consumption forecasts. Her vision and analytical acumen play a pivotal role in assisting clients in navigating the challenging economic environment in Venezuela.

Beyond her technical expertise, Miriam is known for her leadership qualities. She is a highly motivated leader within Síntesis Financiera’s team, always willing to lend an ear, offer guidance, and patiently explain her viewpoints. This collaborative approach fosters a productive and innovative work environment within the firm.

Miriam holds a degree in economics from Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2006. Furthermore, she earned an MBA degree, also with Summa Cum Laude honors, from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in 2010. Miriam’s commitment to academic excellence underscores her dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

She has co-authored papers on fiscal multipliers, public debt, tax elasticity, and interest rates in Venezuela. Her contributions to research reflect her commitment to advancing economic knowledge and her desire to contribute meaningfully to the broader economic discourse.

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