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Multinational corporations looking to do business in Venezuela must navigate an economic and political landscape unlike any other.

With more than 40 years of experience in the realms of public policy analysis, macroeconomic projections, country-risk analysis, and the evaluation of Venezuela’s financial system, Sintesis Financiera is uniquely qualified to provide the actionable insights and forward-looking analysis indispensable to business decision-making and risk mitigation in this complex, and highly-dynamic operational environment.

An On-the-Ground Perspective

Sintesis Financiera is on the ground, in the country, providing a realistic yet nuanced picture of evolving economic and political conditions that’s only possible with a local, first-hand perspective.

  • We observe the real-time consequences of major policy decisions and economic developments as they unfold. This perspective allows us to go beyond the numbers and candidly assess emerging risks and opportunities.
  • Our fierce commitment to editorial independence and objectivity ensures a balanced view of Venezuela’s economic and political climate.
  • Our scenario methodology integrates the political context with plausible policy options, allowing us to provide a clear, forward-looking picture of the country’s businesses and operating climate.
  • Our consistent track record of highly accurate forecasts demonstrates our understanding of the true drivers of the Venezuelan economy.

What We Deliver

Síntesis Financiera offers corporate stakeholders in Venezuela and all over the world access to the macroeconomic intelligence needed to unlock opportunities, mitigate risks, and empower effective operational decision-making in the Venezuelan economy.

Our wide range of offerings include:

  • Weekly analyses of the critical economic and financial issues, relying on the most complete and accurate data set available in Venezuela.
  • The only combined monthly analysis of Venezuela’s inflation and the exchange rate, explaining the policy drivers in clear terms.
  • Monthly analysis of critical problems, issues, challenges, and conflicts impacting Venezuelan politics and policy.
  • 24-month projections for growth, private consumption, inflation, oil output and exports, balance of payments, and forex cash flow.
  • Periodic briefings on new or anticipated issues, events, and developments.
  • Real-time reporting and insights on breaking news and key events.
  • Monthly and quarterly webinars with Ruth Krivoy and Tamara Herrera.
  • Custom strategy sessions for Premium Subscribers.
  • Bespoke consulting projects addressing specific policy-related issues.
  • Custom research by our experienced technical team.

Ruth Krivoy and Tamara Herrera are also frequently called upon to participate in panel discussions and serve as keynote speakers and presenters at a wide range of in-person and virtual events.

Let’s Talk

Síntesis Financiera provides our multinational corporate partners with unparalleled access to expert insights, real-time intelligence, and forward-looking analysis critical to overcoming the challenges and identifying the opportunities unique to Venezuela’s dynamic landscape.

To learn how we can assist corporations doing business in Venezuela, reach out today and let’s talk.



The Art of the Possible

A window into Venezuela’s evolving political situation.


Macroeconomic Forecasts

A critical tool for identifying business and risk-mitigation opportunities.


Inflation and Exchange Rate Forecasts

Outlook on key variables impacting cash flow management in Venezuela's bimonetary economy.


Financial Brief

Crucial financial data and insights on the Venezuelan markets for the week ahead.



Private Equity & Investment Banks


Asset Managers

Policymaking Entities

Global Banks and Financial Institutions



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