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What Is Sintesis Financiera?

Sintesis Financiera is a distinguished economic and financial consultancy with more than 40 years of experience providing public policy analysis, macroeconomic projections, country-risk analysis, and evaluation of the financial system for domestic and international clients with business interests in Venezuela.

Why Partner with Sintesis Financiera?

Renowned for their objectivity and fiercely guarded editorial independence, our formidable team of subject matter experts possess an in-depth understanding of the many nuances unique to Venezuela’s economic, financial, and policy landscape. Sintesis Financiera’s presence in Caracas is instrumental to our work, allowing us to observe the consequences of significant developments first-hand and thus infuse our reporting with a level of context that’s only achievable from an on-the-ground perspective.

How Does Sintesis Financiera Approach Analysis?

We utilize a scenario methodology that integrates the political situation with plausible policy options. Our pragmatic and objective approach to analysis allows us to develop highly accurate forecasts that account for the true drivers of Venezuela’s economy and effectively demonstrate how government actions can drastically alter the nation’s business realities.

What are Sintesis Financiera’s Main Publications?

Sintesis Financiera offers a range of publications, each designed to ensure our clients are well-positioned to identify emerging trends, calibrate risk, and make well-informed decisions while navigating Venezuela’s uniquely complex business environment:

  • Financial Brief: Analyses of the critical economic and financial issues poised to shape the week ahead, along with weekly projections of the exchange rate in the official and parallel markets, BCV foreign exchange intervention and more.
  • Inflation and Exchange Rate Forecasts: The only report in Venezuela offering a combined analysis of the two most crucial variables impacting the Venezuelan economy and the policy issues that drive them, this monthly report serves as a critical tool for working capital management.
  • The Art of the Possible: Monthly analysis of the key problems, issues, challenges, and conflicts shaping politics and policy in Venezuela.
  • Venezuela: Macroeconomic Outlook: This quarterly report details our market-exclusive 24-month projections for growth, private consumption, inflation, oil output and exports, balance of payments, and forex cash flow.

Can I Obtain A Sample Report?

Yes. Sample reports are available for download above.

How do I Purchase These Reports?

We offer a variety of subscription tiers designed to provide individuals and companies (up to 10 team members) access to the macroeconomic intelligence that matters most to them. All subscribers also have access to our 24/7 Tactical Alerts HUB, while those subscribing to higher tiers receive invitations to join Ruth Krivoy and Tamara Herrera at monthly and/or quarterly webinars.

If you’d like to purchase a subscription package, please visit our subscription plan options for Companies and for Individuals.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

For those not ready to commit to a subscription tier, Sintesis Financiera offers a one-month trial package consisting of our most essential offerings, including our weekly Financial Brief and Inflation and Exchange Rate Forecasts reports, access to our 24/7 Tactical Alerts HUB, and an invitation to join Ruth and Tamara at our Month in Review webinar.

Free trials are available for both our Individual subscription as well as our Company subscription tiers.

In What Formats Are Reports Delivered?

Sintesis Financiera’s reports are delivered in PDF and spreadsheet formats and emailed directly to our clients’ inboxes.

What Level of Customization is Available?

Sintesis Financiera is available for bespoke consulting projects addressing specific issues or custom research conducted by our experienced technical team. If you’re interested in arranging a custom engagement, please complete our contact form, and a team member will be in touch to discuss your needs further.


The Art of the Possible

A window into Venezuela’s evolving political situation.


Macroeconomic Forecasts

A critical tool for identifying business and risk-mitigation opportunities.


Inflation and Exchange Rate Forecasts

Outlook on key variables impacting cash flow management in Venezuela's bimonetary economy.


Financial Brief

Crucial financial data and insights on the Venezuelan markets for the week ahead.



Private Equity & Investment Banks


Asset Managers

Policymaking Entities

Global Banks and Financial Institutions


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